ArtHamptons July 2014

Tucked away in the heart of the gorgeous Long Island seaside escape of Bridgehampton, Art Hamptons has become a renowned collection of fine art for residents and visitors alike. This years art fair at the Sculpture Fields of Nova’s Ark makes the theme of the escape real, as its participants dive into a vivid world of art and color, strolling through the venues revamped pavilion with wider aisles to accommodate the rich burst of creative luster pouring out through each piece of media.

This season, Mark Gallery is happy to be a part of this cultural art hub featuring some of our most treasured artists including America Martin, Alberto Murillo, Clara Fiahlo, Allison Stewart, and Carolyn Cole, each with their own unique style and fresh take on the ebbing futility of reality versus fantasy coming forth to the viewer from the canvas.

America Martin has long been one our most beloved artists. Her work features stoic female nudes, each with vibrant colors in the midst of symbolically orchestrated activities. The gathering of flowers, the reading of poems, and the bathing of sunlight on the human form all come alive with color and shadow on the faces of the strong figures depicted in her paintings.

As a departure from the human form, Allison Stewart’s work makes the beauty of nature come alive. Originally trained as a biologist, her enchantment with the anatomy and beauty of plants comes through in each piece. Beautiful outlines of flower forms pop out from a sea of rhythmic color as she blends the reality of nature into the surrealism of art.

The themes of vibrant color and fantastic dreamlike states is strong in both Clara Fiahlo and Carolyn Cole’s work and yet portrayed in strikingly contrasting ways. Clara Fiahlo’s often used round shapes seem almost to form a stream of consciousness across the canvas, capturing for a frozen moment in time the emotion and disembodied web of thought constantly flowing through the mind. Carolyn Cole uses a similar stream of vibrant color but her use of various textures, shapes, and media creates a strong departure from Fiahlo’s work. Using paints, collage, pencil, and charcoal she creates strong shapes that intricately weave into one another with ease. Her work has the uncanny ability to add strong bits of color that leap out to the viewer while not overwhelming the piece in any way.

Alberto Murillo, a native of Madrid Spain, uses a variety of colors including blues, oranges, and yellows poured into a color blocking effect creating a style that is wholly his own, combining strong lines and abstract shapes.

For anyone looking to come along and view the work of each of these amazing artists, ArtHamptons takes place in Bridgehampton on Thursday evening, July10th with an evening VIP reception from 5 – 7pm. General admission begins Friday July 11th at 11am and will continue through Sunday. Mark Gallery is excited and grateful to be a part of a great collection of fine art and we are looking forward to joining the great galleries and artists being featured this season in the Sculpture Fields of Nova’s Ark.


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